January 12 – February 16, Designer Cafe, Kentville

Organisms unfurling in unnatural fractal versions of themselves – lichens, pebbles, cracked earth -these are some of the animate textures that hold Basma Kavanagh’s attention.

Basma wonders:  “Can the inscrutable marks and symbols of these living patterns bridge the written word (which evolved from symbols that described things) and unlanguaged form?  Can they yield something we can read?”

Embossed, sewn, carved and painted works celebrate these wishing-well forms.  We stare into them and we see cells, growth, decay – a rude anatomy.  We see ourselves reflected there.  Can we find the answer (or maybe the question) to the world riddle?  Or a kind of poetry,  in elegant configurations of body against body, stanzas of stone against stone, delicately punctuated by the spaces between, an understated music of silences and shadows?

Basma Kavanagh is a Nova Scotia visual artist and poet.  She has lived and worked in Cape Breton, on Vancouver Island, and in the Arabian Gulf –  in each place creating art determined by her surroundings.  Basma’s work has been exhibited across Nova Scotia, in British Columbia, Qatar, and the US, and has been included in books, magazines and anthologies in Canada, the US, and the UK.

Designer Cafe
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Monday – Friday, 7 am – 5 pm
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