Multiplier Festival

Last September, I had to exit my comfort zone to bring an idea to life. In collaboration with Erin Donovan and Susanne Chui, I helped several eager audiences find the poem floating around the soft edges of the day and the places where it was hidden among the rocks. Finding the poem allowed us to usher the audience through a windswept passageway to whatever awaited on the other side. Part ritual, part play, we incorporated poetry, observation, movement, and layers of delicious ambient and created sound, in a celebration of pausing to reflect on where we were at that moment: in the company of humans and other beings, on the land (Mi’kma’ki), in curiousity and receptivity. It was fun.

Here is a delightful summary and reminder of that experience. Intro and outro soundscapes are snippets from our performance, by Erin Donovan of HearHere Productions. Video (and festival) co-produced by Meredith Kalaman and Brian Riley.