Lateral Symmetry

I have several new paper, ceramic and textile pieces on display the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba as part of the exhibit Lateral Symmetry which runs from Septmber 4th to October 25th, and also includes artwork by Elvira Finnegan, Tracy Peters and Sarah Ciurysek. This show shares the main gallery with a collection of works by Rosemary Kowalski entitled Endangered Species, and in the community gallery, In Process Together, which features work by Sasha Amaya, Katharine Bruce, Amy Buehler, Becky Chinn, Susana V. Danyliuk, Anne Fallis Elliott, Cheryl Orr-Hood, Shawn Jordan, Alexis Kinloch, Chris Larsen, Mary Lowe, Lisa Lysack, Carolyn Mount, Gerry Oliver, Rosemarie Peloquin, Chris Reid, Wendy Seversen, Janet Shaw-Russell, Marg Stewart.

There is a very nice article from the Winnipeg Free Press about Tracy Peter’s concurrent show at Aceartinc. SHED Unusual Migration and Lateral Symmetry at the AGSM here: Two exhibitions of female artists explore natural cycles and human impact